Welcome to the student literary and arts journal for Morgan State University, The Sable Quill.

This online journal is currently under construction, but expect a complete website and content from our students and alumni by the end of 2016.


Coming soon.


Celeste Doaks, MFA

Poet and journalist celeste doaks is the author of Cornrows and Cornfields, (Wrecking Ball Press, UK) March 2015. Cornrows was listed as one of the Ten Best Books of 2015 by Beltway Quarterly Poetry. Her journalism has appeared in the Huffington Post, Village Voice, Time Out New York, and QBR (Quarterly Black Book Review). Currently, she teaches creative writing at Morgan State University and loves to be followed on Twitter @thedoaksgirl

Assistant Editor
Anthony Moll, MFA

Anthony Moll is a writer, educator and military veteran. He reviews books for Baltimore Gay Life, and his own work has appeared in Gertrude Journal, Assaracus and more. Anthony has taught writing at University of Baltimore and University of California, Santa Cruz, and holds an MFA in Creative Writing and Publishing Arts from the former.

Department Chair
Dr. Dolan Hubbard

Editor Emeritus
Dr. Leiza Brown

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